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31. Jan 1991
Brand new website!
We are in the process of creating our first website. We are happy to be joining the information superhighway with an excellent website that really show's what Barnardshire General is about! It's still being constructed so some sections may not be complete yet.

28. Dec 1990
New wing opening.
A grand opening of our 3rd hospital wing will take place in the coming months as construction is now complete! We have state of the art technology.

Website still under construction!

    Bear with us while we finish updating the website!
Welcome to Barnardshire General!

Barnardshire General is a modern medical facility located in the heart of the county.

Established in 1945, Barnardshire General has had a history of the most friendly and dedicated staff in the country.

"We pride ourselves on our devotion to our patients. Their life is our business!"


“When we arrived, we were treated to a wonderful stay in a spacious room. We had as much free tea and coffee as we wanted! The canteen had an amazing selection of pub classics”

- Wiliam Robson, pensioner

We are LHS Registered